Saturday, July 12, 2008

Would You Kindly?

Still up and running despite the fact that I could make soup on the heat brick.

Still on BioShock, I understand that the ability to shoot bees is pretty cool. But it's incredibly impractical, in both the game and real life. If you want to hurt someone, bees could certainly hurt but lighting them on fire probably hurts more. If you want to stun or distract them, in reality they are more likely to run away from the bees than stand in one place swatting, and in the game you have the ability to freeze people. Also, I'm no entomologist, but I'm fairly certain bees don't have some kind of IFF signal to differentiate between the bee shooter and the bee target. This applies in-game, as your own bees will attack you if they lose the target. Crowning moment of cool but impractical? Maybe.

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