Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Break My Own Rules

I intended this blog to be almost exclusively about the XBox 360. Then I found a video and decided that, since the franchise had moved to the 360, a PS2 game wasn't completely out of the question.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Game In There Somewhere

For all my fanboy gushing about how Ace Combat 6 perfected the gameplay of the franchise, I have to admit that the story is dull, lifeless, and told through cutscenes that could serve as the most powerful sedatives known to man. In fact, for a game in which you are the hero, you are a startling non-entity within the cutscenes. In AC4 the story centered around YOUR arch-rival, in AC5 the story centered around YOUR squadron, in AC Zero the story was told in the form of a documentary about YOU (complete with interviews where your former enemies discuss how wonderful/terrifying you are). In AC6 I think one of the supporting characters mentions you in passing. And to top it all off, AC6 has probably the highest cutscene-to-gameplay ratio in the series. So it has not only the most boring cutscenes, it has the most of them.