Monday, June 25, 2012

Half As Witty As Any Of Your Professors

I was in the shower and decided it would be a good idea (it isn't) to come up with actual lecture titles for that course on the Three Kingdoms I was offering

Occupy Luoyang: Class Warfare and the Yellow Scarves

Getting Away with Murder: The Life of Lord Guan

All in All You're Just Another Dick with No Balls: Eunuchs and the Imperial Court

"Liu Bei is a Worthless Twat" and Other Observations

Fool Me Once...: Why Lu Bu Surprises No One

Cao Cao and Bugs Bunny: A Comparative Psycho-analysis

Bigotry in Motion: The Short Reign of Sun Ce

Sun Quan: Jerk or Complete Asshole?

Every Sperm is Sacred: A Brief Look at the Cao Family

Hardcore Poetry Slam: How Kong Ming Befuddled Dumb People

"Never Make Political Decisions with Only Your Penis" and Other Lessons Cao Pi Never Learned

Liu Shan and Other Grievous Mistakes

You Are A Bad Person and No One Likes You: The Sima Family Then and Now

Shin Sengoku Musou Gaiden: Folklore, Opera, and the Mythologizing of the Three Kingdoms

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Updating Eventually

Okay, so first I was going to talk about everything that went wrong with Bloodforge. Obviously that was going to take a while. Then I got Dynasty Warriors 7 and I had to figure out how to review it without turning the whole thing into a 3-credit (transferable) lecture course on the Three Kingdoms era. While I was figuring that out I went ahead and got Skyrim. And we all know how that eats up your hours. So I'm posting this just to let people know that this blog isn't dead. It's just really really delayed.