Monday, June 25, 2012

Half As Witty As Any Of Your Professors

I was in the shower and decided it would be a good idea (it isn't) to come up with actual lecture titles for that course on the Three Kingdoms I was offering

Occupy Luoyang: Class Warfare and the Yellow Scarves

Getting Away with Murder: The Life of Lord Guan

All in All You're Just Another Dick with No Balls: Eunuchs and the Imperial Court

"Liu Bei is a Worthless Twat" and Other Observations

Fool Me Once...: Why Lu Bu Surprises No One

Cao Cao and Bugs Bunny: A Comparative Psycho-analysis

Bigotry in Motion: The Short Reign of Sun Ce

Sun Quan: Jerk or Complete Asshole?

Every Sperm is Sacred: A Brief Look at the Cao Family

Hardcore Poetry Slam: How Kong Ming Befuddled Dumb People

"Never Make Political Decisions with Only Your Penis" and Other Lessons Cao Pi Never Learned

Liu Shan and Other Grievous Mistakes

You Are A Bad Person and No One Likes You: The Sima Family Then and Now

Shin Sengoku Musou Gaiden: Folklore, Opera, and the Mythologizing of the Three Kingdoms

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