Tuesday, July 15, 2008

In Other News

My XBox 360 continues it's brutal reign unopposed.

Having seen the trailer for the upcoming Max Payne movie I can only hope the trailer is lying. There had better not be angels or similar supernatural elements in the movie. If there are angels than the movie would have to be incredibly kick-ass to make me forgive this betrayal of the source material.
Also Square-Enix has announced that Final Fantasy 13 will be a multi-console release. And I couldn't care less. Mostly because I'm not a big Final Fantasy fan. The only time I enjoyed a Final Fantasy game was when I used the GameShark to break Final Fantasy 10 so hard you could hear the audible cracks in the programming code. And I'll admit to be curious about Final Fantasy 12 because I'm told it's the Final Fantasy for people who hate Final Fantasy.
Some people are calling this the final nail in the PS3's coffin. I'd say it isn't. I love my 360, but honestly the PS3 is putting up stiff competition here in the States and is dominating the global market. A crippling lack of any interesting exclusives notwithstanding. Some say that the XBox performs poorly in Japan due to marketing problems, but I'll just say that the Japs are xenophobic and are buying Sony more out of nationalist loyalty. If it has to do with 360 hardware failures, just look at this blog. And why pay nearly twice as much for a system if any games I want are either 360 exclusives or get multi-platform releases? The Sony fanboys try to defend the PS3's paltry library (I won't get into a hardware debate because, yes, the PS3 is superior there), but let's look at what games there are and whether I want to shell out the money for a PS3 over them:

Resistance: Fall of Man- I already have Gears of War, thanks. Wait, it's a different game? Well, if you say so.

MGS4- Only odd numbered Metal Gear Solid games are any good. Rose ruins everything.

Any racing title- You're probably one of those people who thinks drifting didn't exist until the early 21st century (actually started in the '50s).

Little Big Planet- If you ever even presume I would be caught dead playing that, I ask you to go fuck yourself and die.

Sorry, it's been one of those days.


Bling Cat said...

Little big planet actually looks sort of interesting, but to each their own. FF13 is a big announcement, but it wont do much, considering its still PS3 exclusive in Japan, the country it will sell the most in.

Matoushin said...

My critique of Little Big Planet is that we don't have it. Game development is a notoriously fickle process, but the game was announced a year and a half ago ostensibly as one of those simple, neat innovations that take six months to program and you pay $5-20 to download.

As for FF13, it's not the end of the world but it is another twist of the screws. The PS3 is rapidly running out of interesting exclusives. If the next one doesn't succeed, the PS3 will end up being a more successful version of the Saturn.