Wednesday, July 9, 2008

1 Year And Still Going

Just getting this started by letting you know that, as of yesterday, my XBox 360 is still working.


Anonymous said...


CENConflict said...

Gwar! Going on 10 months and no problems. Then again, I bought an elite. If it broke, that would just be an extra $150 worth of frustration.

maffro said...

I will check this website every day. Just because I'll find it so amusing when you one day have to post that it's broken.
Or that a cat pissed on it

Had mine since Christmas 06. Still going strong.

Radelaide said...

I just read your post on The Escapist and thought you might be joking.

You sir, are full of win for this blog.


Chattermouth said...

"at least one is working"
ahahahaha! priceless.

Good luck, lad.