Monday, August 18, 2008

This Was That Hubris Thing We Mentioned

So the grand experiment of letting everyone know my XBox 360 still worked has failed. I'm still waiting for the box that I'm supposed to use to ship it back to Micro$oft, and I'm just hoping it doesn't arrive on the same day as my copy of CoD4. That would be a little too ironic.

So while I'm waiting for a new refurbished XBox I ask all of you what I should do with this blog. Should I just pick up where I left off, only this time regarding my refurbished 360? Should I just abandon this blog, seeing as how its original purpose no longer exists? Or should I harass a friend of mine to continue this thing in regards to his older, still functional XBox 360? Well folks, what's going to happen with this?


Anonymous said...

It seems that now I'M the only one with a 360 that hasn't broken yet! Muahaha.

Anonymous said...

I vote for the harrassment.


360 Trooper said...

Aikonar, you only say that because you know who I'll be harassing.

Matoushin said...

My 360 continues to work, and Rock Band is awesome.

Let the harassment begin.