Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Macross Missile Massacre

My XBox 360 is starting to run better than my PS2. For some reason my PS2 decided it doesn't like God of War. My 360 has yet to reject a game out of spite.

I'm curious as to what the super plane for the next Ace Combat (presuming there will be one) will be. Ace Combat 4 had the X-02, which was banned from competition for being so darn super but it was only a skosh better than the SU-35 and F-22. Ace Combat 5 and Zero had the ridiculously over-powered FALKEN which looked like it came out of a Gradius game and was armed with a laser cannon. Ace Combat 6 has the Nosferatu, which I would say was a return to more "realistic" super planes if it weren't for the fact that it could fire a dozen guided missiles at individual targets in one missile salvo. Now if we could get it to transform into a giant robot with an assault rifle I'd be set.

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