Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Attention Whores

As you may have deduced from previous comments, God knows I'm not a fan of Mario games. Not that they're bad, that style of platforming action just isn't my scene and from an objective design standpoint I'll attest to the quality of most of them. Still, like racing games, no matter the quality it just isn't something that interests me. So if something somewhere were to go wrong with Mario, I'd have no qualms about leaping into the fray to destroy it. Unless, you know, PETA were the ones to point out the problem. Assuming this whole thing doesn't die as quickly as their "sea kittens" campaign, expect to see protesters outside of GameStop with "fur is murder" signs. According to PETA the Tanuki suit sends the wrong message to children. They say it tells children that it's okay to wear fur. I say it tells children that wearing the skin of a raccoon-dog will allow you to fly. And I tell that to children all the time. So is PETA overreacting? It's PETA. It isn't about the animals, it's about getting people to look at PETA. And if it sounds like I haven't really addressed the issue, it's because I refuse to dignify this artificial controversy with a proper response. Mocking response, sure. But not proper.

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