Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Metroid: Other DOAX

Well, GameOverthinker had another fanboy rant desperately trying to defend depictions of femininity in Other M, thereby completely negating his comments regarding the same topic in Bayonetta. I love third-wave feminism as much as the next guy who doesn't want his porn taken away, but sometimes you're not being feminine and just being a whiny emo puss, gender notwithstanding.

Rather than post a link to Mr. Chipman 'sperging out over how Nintendo can never do anything wrong (I shouldn't say that, he made a video talking about how Sony only made it big because Nintendo was being retarded. On second thought, I think he made that video to deflect accusations of being a fanboy), I'll just link to Yahtzee's review of the game. It's pretty much what I would say, only funnier and more popular.

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