Monday, July 26, 2010

I Demand Spoilers

My PC would probably burst into flames if it tried to run StarCraft 2. I suspect that my co-poster on this blog will probably be waiting in line for a midnight release or something, and since I won't have a chance to speak with him before launch I'll say here that I want story details from the campaign. All of them. Who dies, who lives, and how vindicated am I in never reading the StarCraft novels (actually I read one StarCraft novel. That experience taught me to never read any of the others).


Matoushin said...

I actually skipped the midnight launch, I was too busy playing other games with my brother.

I'm probably the worst person to detail spoilers, but I imagine there will be a Let's Play for this started within a week.

360 Trooper said...

The last StarCraft LP never finished the terran campaign. And the site I go to has a standing rule of a 3 month delay between launch and an LP being posted. Yes, the WarCraft LPs by Azzur are going strong, but we have no guarantees on StarCraft now do we.