Monday, March 1, 2010

Steve Blum Is In Everything

Remember when I posted a link to that Ace Combat 6 Let's Play? Apparently Viddler decided that they hated all that was good in the world, and yet TyrantSabre continues to use them. So until the relevant parties realize that the .flv movies border on unwatchable, let's watch an LP of Ubisoft's Ace Combat knock-off: Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.

Cooked Auto uses, so the streaming quality is significantly better. And he's apparently quite the Ace Combat fan, as the PC version of the game he's playing has him using several fan made Ace Combat skins. And Macross skins. And Lucky Star.

EDIT: In the latest video, he honest-to-God uses a Lucky Star skin on a MiG-29. Just as Tom Clancy intended.

1 comment:

Cooked Auto said...

Of course he intended it. It's his punishment for selling his name to Ubisoft who decided to make this game. It has to come back and bite him the ass somehow. ;P

(And let's just say I used that skin just to fuck with people. ;D)