Monday, January 5, 2009


Hahaha... I'm so witty.

My 360 is working, and I have the following suggestions for those who want to play Left4Dead on any platform.

1. Quick Match for Versus mode is a Bad Idea (TM) as is looking for a game in progress. The primary reasons for someone leaving a game in progress are cheating, losing, and nerdrage. You will never be filling in for a brilliant player on a team of intellectual peers. You will always be stuck with the morons who haven't figured out that zombies and humans are not friends. Do yourself a favor and always look for game lobbies.

2. The same is not necessarily true of Campaign. Plus even if you do get put on a team of morons it doesn't hurt to have the ego boost of knowing you're the sole reason any of these idiots is going to survive past the first zombie.

3. Killing zombies is fun.


ZombieNoob01 said...

I like the game and have played a bit, but keep getting killed by the zombies. Any tips for noobz?

Matoushin said...

I'd like to note, nearly a month later, that I am here to make you feel bad about how your 360 broke (let's face it, you have one, it must be broken) and mine hasn't (because I have the RL invincibility cheat). Explaining how to avoid being killed by zombies is not in my job description.

But if you must know what to do, watch the opening video. You see everything that Louis does? Don't do that.