Friday, September 12, 2008

Netflix for Games

I'm trying out Gamefly so I can rent all those games I never wanted to buy and see if they're actually any good. Suggestions accepted, since I don't pay enough attention to tell the cult hits from the crap.

Oh, and the white hourglass continues to shine green.


360 Trooper said...

I recommend everything I ever mentioned I own that you don't own either. The only game I have that I even come close to regretting is "Star Trek: Legacy", and even then it's less of a regret and more of a guilty pleasure (though I don't actually recommend it due to the God-awful single player campaign).

Bling_Cat said...

In terms of suggestions of games to rent (Which I assume you wanted from us) I would suggest: Bully: Scholarship edition if you feel like a smaller-with-no-killing-but-decent-humour GTA experience and possibly Unreal Tournament 3, assuming you dont already have it, for some crazy online and offline FPS battles.

360 Trooper said...

I haven't played Unreal Tournament 3, but from past experience with the UT franchise it's kinda like Sam Adams: Always a good decision.

Also, try Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, since these guys clearly enjoyed themselves: